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1000+ Miles Club & 100+ Miles Racing Club

Interested In trying something different? How about accomplishing 1000+ miles and/or doing 100+ miles in various races during the calendar year?

The only thing that you would have to do is keep track of your mileage—training or racing & get the completed totals to me at the end of 2023. If you want, get the info to me the fifteenth of the following month & they will be posted in The Sweat Gazette.

Obliviously they will be a couple of months behind. Below are the few rules for participating in the challenge.

Recognition for the 1000+ Miles Club can be earned by any Orange Runners Club who logs 1000+ miles running/walking for training and/or fitness reasons. (Daily steps for everyday things like going to the mailbox or grocery shopping do not count.)

The 100+ Miles Racing Club can be earned by any Orange Runners Club member by counting miles you did running or race walking in an official race, that is, one in which you received a bib number. Virtual race miles count as long as you signed up for that particular race event. (You may also count your race miles toward the 1000+ Mile Challenge.)

  • List running miles separately from walking miles, and a total of both together.

  • There will be two lists—one just 1000 miles and the other for 100 miles racing.

  • At the end of the year you are welcome to send your info in, even if you did not reach the goal of 1000+ miles or 100 miles racing. Everyone will be listed in 'The Club' results.

  • You can also use your STRAVA, GARMIN Connect or other mobile phone apps to submit your monthly and/or yearly totals.

There is no cost or obligation to enter the 1000+ Miles Club or the 100+ Miles Racing Club. This is something you are doing to challenge yourself.

1000+ Miles Club & 100+ Miles Racing Club Submissions

Kathryn Collins 827.5 miles, Joel Murns 1660.0 miles, Justin DePierro 1823.0 miles, Harry Owens 308.9 miles, Bill Gaa 1142.0 miles, Justin Roselli 1893.0 miles, Meg Geist 847.7 miles, Ru Shodai 795.63 miles, Dane Groszek 921.55 miles, Billy Schmalzriedt 1325.9 miles, Mike Grosso 1306.0 miles, Mac Thurston 593.2 miles, Adam Insler 1090.0 miles

Completed by racing-- 
Kathleen Davies 99.7 miles, Harry Owens 32.3 miles, Dane Groszek 310.0 miles, Justin Roselli 145.0 miles, Bill Gaa 43.8 miles, Ru Shodai 253.48 miles, Adam Insler 42.6 miles, Mac Thurston 150.9 miles, Martin Nowak 229.4 miles, Billy Schmalzriedt 95.05 miles, Kathryn Collins 53.1 miles,
Joel Murns 164.55 miles




1000+ Miles Club & 100+ Miles Racing Club

No Fee, Runs all year


1000+ Miles Club and 100+ Miles Racing Club
Bill Gaa
(570) 445-9551

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