Minute 4: Running with friends just got easier

We hope you don’t roll your eyes at this next one, but we’re excited to inform you that “Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year Is... ‘Rizz’.” That’s Gen-Z slang for charisma, as in, “I slid into their DMs to drop some rizz.” Translation: “I sent a direct message to charm them.” You might be asking, what does that have to do with running? Trust us, it’s all relevant, because “Strava introduced a messaging feature” that has some users wondering if it’s the new best app to find friends and partners. Instead of public comments, private direct messages are now built into Strava, and that’s good news for people looking to organize more group runs. Some studies have shown we run faster and happier together, which is why it may be wise to try these “7 ways to get your partner into running this holiday season.”

No Partner? No worries, since the new feature begs the question: “Is Strava the New Dating App?” Users say that the opportunity to connect over a shared passion like running is a more organic way to make an introduction than the fast-paced, overwhelming environment of apps like Tinder. There are some Strava users who are vehemently against the idea of running rizz, though, and you can read the counterpoint in “No, Strava is Not the New Dating App.”





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