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Molding your running in 2023

Grand Prix 2023 Updates

As the races count down - the action amps up.

Rules: Participants must complete 7 races to qualify for awards.
Best 10 races score. Then 1 pt. for each race after that.

Like its predecessor, the Hudson Valley Grand Prix, this year-long race program is designed to encourage friendly competition and help achieve personal goals while interspersing the excitement and suspense that motivates participants to a higher performance level than running alone would provide.

With a variety of distances and difficulty levels to challenge runners to both change and adapt their running strategy and styles. We hope to encourage goal inspiring performances and the exercising of perseverance, patience, and vigilance along the way.

The DYC 10k and the Storm

Regarding the Delaware Youth Center (DYC) 10k, it was problematic for us because of the weather and people’s inability or fear of going out to attend the race.

So to accommodate the grievance and difficulties because of the storm, after some discussion here are the conclusions we came to.

1. If you got there and ran it you get full credit.

2. If you had a problem with the weather, and are willing to go to the DYC 10k location [course map], and run the event on your own, (for limited time - and we will take your word for it), you will get credit for the race in regard to the IRON PERSON standings, however you will get no Grand Prix points.

3. You do need to document the the time and date of your run, and get that information to us.

As this creates scoring issues for us, it is a one time opportunity and we plan on not doing this again in the future, or for any past events.

Thank you for understanding our working to be fair for everyone in this instance.

In 2023 The Winter Series Race #4, the ORC Jingle Jog 4m and the Run 4 Downtown will all feature double Grand Prix points!

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Looking for Something for the Younger Ones?


1. Winter Series Race #4 ** 8. Run 4 Downtown 4 Mile **
2. Chocolate 5k 9. Woodbourne Park 5k
3. Run Like the Wind 5k 10. SVFC 5 Miler
4. Ruthie Dino-Marshall 5k 11. Cider 5 (Miler)
5. Highland Falls Firecracker 5k 12. DV Turkey Trot 5k
6. DYC River Run 10k 13.   ORC Jingle Jog 4 Miler **
7. Chelsea Fire Company 5k 14.   Kris Kringle 5k

** Races Count Double GP Points
Grand Prix Calendar
Combined Grand Prix with King and Queens Calendar

King and Queen of the Mountain

This is a more challenging series with a mountain of events that you can participate in exclusively or in addition to the Grand Prix events.

Each is scored separately, but there are rumors of a combined award for completing both the Grand Prix's Iron Runner achievement, (run all events) and all the King and Queen events.

2023 King and Queen Races

1.   Summer Solstice 14k
2.   Turtle Trot 10k
3.   Monster 10k
4.   Storm King 10k
5.   Herd the Curd 10k
6.   Roosa Gap Roller Coaster 11.5M




The Grand Prix 2023 consists of 14 races with any 7 required to qualify for the awards, and that’s it! (Race List Below).
Well.. except if you are looking to qualify for the Iron Runner award where you must do all 14 events, or 100% participation. It is kind of like a perfect attendance award at school.

The King and Queen of the mountain series is completely separate from the Grand Prix series and it is also unscored point-wise.

The King and Queen of the Mountains series is a participation only series. So you must complete ALL the races in this K&Q series to qualify for the award. - Yes! It has traditionally been made up of the longer and harder races, either in the duration of the event, the hills or both - No Wimps!!

So even if you don’t run ANY K&Q events that does nothing to your Grand Prix score or your qualification for the Iron Runner Award. 
These two series are totally separate!

Hope this helps to clear up any confusion for you new people.


  (ran all races)  
  Linda Hulse   Don Thurston  
  Fran Pantano   Robert Ramos  
  Amy Babicz   Ken Hagelmann  
  Carrigan Murns   Martin Nowak Jr.  
      Joel Murns  
      Bill Schneider  
      Tom Frey  


  (ran all races - 1)  
  Barbra Conklin   Dane Groszek  
      Carl Zuidema  

Iconic Roger Filannino is recognized on 1/26/2020 for achieving the Iron Runners status in the previous 10 seasons of the Grand Prix.

Congratulations Roger!

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Fees :
See Registration Form


Must Sign-Up by May 21th, RLTW

Out of all events in the race series, a participant must complete 7 races to qualify for awards.

Awards :
Top 3 overall male and female, and the age groups:
19 & under, 20-29,30-39,40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80 & above.

Iron Runner award for completion of all the races.




Points Received **

1st 10
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
10th + 1
Best 10 races score.
Then 1 pt. for each race after that.
** Orange Runners Club Races Score Double Points.


Grand Prix Board:

Martin Nowak
(845) 344-4719

Dane Groszek

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