Minute 1: Breathe your way to your fastest race ever

Runners need to watch out for bad breath. No, we don’t mean the kind that earns offers of free peppermint gum from strangers. We’re talking about shallow breathing, a common symptom of your pre-race jitters. The solution,  according to “Breathe your way into your best running performance,” is to practice deep breathing methods on race day and in training. This advice comes from sports psychologist Jeff Afremow, who believes deep, rhythmic breathing helps you reduce emotional tension, priming your nervous system to deliver top performance. Taking a grounding breath several times a day is a good place to start, so remember these numbers: Inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 2, exhale for 8. Do that about four times and you’ll be well on your way to inner stillness. Deep breathing isn’t just useful for runners, and the Duke basketball team is living proof. Check out “Duke men's basketball tried the Wim Hof method. What is that?” Wim Hof has earned quite the reputation for his physical achievements, like climbing Mount Everest barefoot and running a marathon in 104 degree heat without water. Hof credits much of his success to breathwork in order to condition the body and he describes one of his favorite breathing exercises in the article above. 







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