** Frankie 5k MEMBERSHIP MILE Challenge**


On October 13th, 2021 the quickest male

and female on the track running a mile distance,

will both win a 2022 ORC membership and a $100 cash

prize sponsored by Frankie 5k.

dsc_0577_small.jpg dsc_0579_small.jpg dsc_0580_small.jpg dsc_0582_small.jpg
dsc_0585_small.jpg dsc_0586_small.jpg dsc_0587_small.jpg tombushey_membershipmile2021_small.jpg
dsc_0589_small.jpg dsc_0591_small.jpg dsc_0592_small.jpg dsc_0594_small.jpg
dsc_0600_small.jpg dsc_0603_small.jpg dsc_0604_small.jpg dsc_0614_small.jpg
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